Fig tart

August 28, 2013

fig tart


Every week I get a CSA box that comes from a local organic farm. Once thing I love most about it being a CSA member is that it teaches me what is in harvest in each season. So many times when I go to the store, I just end up buying the produce I want, wither or not it is in season…like take for example, apples. When I buy them in April it means some farm in Washington state had a truck transport that apple miles and miles to get to my local market in CA since apples don’t grow here in April. I love getting only the fruits and veggies that are currently in season and training myself to cook with the seasons. It’s a challenge and I’m always up for a good challenge! Sometimes I get the hankering for Strawberry crunch in December but then I just tell myself who wants strawberry crunch when you can make a warm apple pie with fresh apples right from your CSA box? Right?! So now, we (almost) fully cook only within the seasons harvest and feel like our meals just taste better since they are made with fresher ingredients.

This week I pulled out a carton of fresh mission figs…YUM! Last year I made a fig tart with an almond crust. I wanted to share the recipe with you but it was not my favorite since the crust was a little too think and dense for me. The recipe was a total flop since I spent a good part of the afternoon baking and cutting, envisioning a beautiful fig tart coming right from the oven and what I got was a hardpan crust. oh boy…

Sooo…do any of you have a good fig recipe? For now, I just sliced some of the figs up and put them over my morning bowl of quinoa and coconut flakes.

If you have any good fig recipes that are gluten free please feel free to share!



Under Construction!

August 25, 2013

Hello friends!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and let you know that I have not forgotten about this little blog! As you can see things are changing around here and we are under-going construction!

We just got back from a trip to Europe and I can’t wait to share with you some of the pictures we took! In the meantime here is a little sneak peak. You can see them here as well.



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office space

April 24, 2013

Hello all!

Some of you have been asking to see my workspace and so I recently did a little shoot with Erin Milnik to show you guys. (plus it was a great excuse to clean off the clutter!)

What I love most about my desk is that it is all homemade. I mean, I seriously just put it together on a dime.

The desk top was a fence board that Mr. Moe found in the backyard and painted white. We place it on top of three Closet maid storage units that you can buy from Target in their storage container area. The storage units cost a whopping $15.00 each so we spent around 60.00 bucks for this desk. The white shoe boxes I picked up on sale at Michael’s craft store for $1.50 each…so there you have it folks. When you don’t have much money for furniture…just make it.


Some of my favorite things on my desk are the black hand, wooden shoe and my golden lady paper weight from my friend’s vintage etsy store Experimental Vintage.


The gold reading chairs in the room came from an estate sale that I happened upon one Saturday morning and bought them each for 20 bucks. Score!


Thank you again to the amazing photographer Erin Milnik for these images!


office_001 office_005 office_011 office_012 office_022 office_030


March 29, 2013

Hello Lovies!


I am so sorry that I have been horribly LATE in writing posts. You see, the thing is that I actually have been very busy with lots of business happenings and have put my attention to getting things put together for the business and have ignored this blog a bit. There is going to be a huge transition here on this little blog of mine and I can’t WAIT to share it with you all.


In the meantime here is what has been happening via instagram.


My sister Jessica flew in for a visit from Washington Dc and saw Jackson for the first time. Got some lovely outings with my beloved mom, sent out Jackson’s birth announcements (I know, I know, he was born in November and I am just getting them out, spring has sprung and Jackson likes to wake up at 5 am now. Oh lovely. Till next time!


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Peaches and Cream

February 13, 2013

Don’t you just love peaches and cream?

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