Maternity shoot

December 20, 2012

A maternity shoot with Natalie Galasso

Four days before Jackson was born..39 weeks pregnant


Hello Friends!


I am just sitting down after a long and beautiful day with family. Two of my sister’s have come home for the holidays and their return has ushered us into the Christmas spirit. Seeing their ecstatic faces as I handed Jackson over to them is such an incredible memory made.  My sister Katie could barely speak as she was overjoyed to hold him.  All she managed to say was, “OH! I love him! OH! I love him!” over and over again. I agree, sister. Oh man! I love that little kid.


On the 18th, Torrey and I celebrated having been married seven and a half years, and we celebrated Jackson’s first month of life in this big world.  The 18th is a happy day of the month for the Moes. A thought occurred to me the other night as I was sitting next to Torrey on the couch. We had officially put the little Moe man down to sleep for the night and were wiped out tired. It was still too early in the evening to call it a night and head to bed ourselves and we wanted to get time together like we used to.  Snuggle on the couch, share a bottle of wine, chat about life, or watch a movie.  We were so exhausted though and knew that we would face another night of little sleep.  I actually teared up on the couch realizing that  a season really has come to an end in some ways….the carefree late nights, movie marathons, long uninterrupted  conversations with Torrey, sleeping in on Saturdays…. those things have ended. But something far better has started. This was the last picture that Torrey and I took of our married with no child out of the womb yet…I look at our faces and I remember all of the thoughts and feelings we faced then. Even though we look a little worse for wear and don’t sleep as much anymore…we are happy to be in a new season.