Jackson’s first week

December 11, 2012

The moment we realized we were a family.

Hello dear friends!

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? I thought that I would be able to post more but with mommy-hood here, it’s a good day if I get out of my PJs before 12 noon! Jackson is officially three weeks old and one day and already he is growing out of his small newborn clothes. He is already pushing 9.5!


The first two weeks of his life were so special for us. We tucked ourselves into our home and just took in every moment we could. The weather was espcially rainy so it made staying indoors so cozy and warm. We had visitors pretty much everyday stopping by to hold Jackson and drop off a home-cooked meal. My mother stayed the whole two weeks and played the little red hen the whole time. She kept the house tidy, cleaned and did loads of laundry. What would I do without her?! There were so many special and tender moments with family and friends sharing and giving during those first few weeks. I will never forget those precious and tender moments.


It solidified in my mind that no man is an island. You cannot do it alone, even more so when you bring a child into the world. To be able hand Jackson over to some of the most dearest and cherished people in my life and to see the joy on their faces, to be able to share him with them was truly priceless. Each day we had a meal prepared by either a friend from church or a mom from my MOPS group…I was incredibly thankful for each one of those dear women who took time out of their busy lives to cook us a meal during those first two weeks.  Also, I realized, when someone loves your child it only opens up your heart to loving that person more in return. It is an amazing gift to share your children with people and to find that they truly enjoy and love them in return.



There were so many special moments in that week but here were a few that I loved…


My mom and her boy

Jackson meets his Grandma Moe

I have been friends with Tiffany since I was 12…it was so amazing to see my dear childhood friend hold my little child. How we all have grown up!

Amanda and I go way back too. We have been buddies since kindergarden! She now has three beautiful kids of her own.

Jackson’s little wrinkled feet.

Three generations…this picture means so much to me.

Thanks for stopping by! Till next time!