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Wedding colors

January 10, 2013

Floral Styling: Fleurish Events

Hum drum

January 8, 2013

And we are back to normal…..doesn’t the month of January always seem a little dull to you? I mean, after all the tinsel, the baked goodies, twinkle lights and gifts…settling back into a normal routine again can be a little hum drum. Boring!

Today was just one of those days. Jackson didn’t like taking any of his naps and hollered and carried on. Most of the day I have spent rocking, thumping, shishing and trying to calm his little heart and after I finally have gotten him down to sleep, I am feeling a little frazzeled.  So Between the January blues and baby blues, I am calling it and making a batch of gluten free cookies. Today needs a little celebration!


Happy New Year

January 1, 2013




Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Here is to 2013!!

Home sweet home

December 31, 2012

One thing about Charlie Brown trees that you cut down in the forest is that they always are hard to determine their SIZE! They are always, always massively bigger inside your house than they appear to be outside. Every year we inevitably scrape the ceiling with the top of our tree and have to haul it back outside for Mr Moe to hack another foot off the bottom. Usually there is a pile of branches that were trimmed off the tree that I feel sorry for and will end up making something pretty out of them. This year I made a garland and a wreath for the door.


Happy Holidays!

December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!


Every year when the calendar hits Dec 1st the Jackson side of the family starts to celebrate their yearly Christmas traditions.


The weeks before Christmas, after dinner is over, we tend to stay in the kitchen and take advantage of the long, dark evenings and bake goodies. Usually Mom will break out her 1950′s spritz press and someone will find the rolling pin for the sugar cookies; the kitchen soon starts filling up with flour and the aroma of baked yummies.

My sister Jennifer will usually sit down and read outloud the story of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to anyone who is in the kitchen and has ears. When Jenn reads she gets very animated and takes on the voices of each Herdman. If you do not have an idea of who a Herdman is or have never heard of this book, you MUST read it. It will set your spirits bright and make you roll in laughter.

As the evening progresses, we soon find oursleves with a spread of cookies and milk, munching on the fresh baked goodies while Jennifer finishes up the last chapter.


I love Christmas traditions, how they stabilize us!  They make us secure, bring us home…..they make us who we are. One of the Christmas traditions that Mr Moe and I have started and have carried out faithfully (almost) every year is cutting down our own Christmas tree. Our first year in Virginia, when we were just newly married we jumped in the car and headed to a Christmas tree farm. There was hot chocolate and cider for all, and you were given a  handsaw, a long rope, and free range of the farm. Wherever you saw a tree fit for your living room, it was yours. We had such a merry time and laughed so hard since it seemed that we were given a dole saw and it took Torrey twice as long as it would take any normal man. We even went to a radical extreme one year and went out in a large snow storm to find the perfect tree. We barely made it back home safely without our car fishtailing it into the ditch. But that is another story for another time. So as you can see, the tradition stuck fast and for 2012 we found ourselves jumping into the car to head on up to the Moe homestead in the mountains to cut ourselves down a real Charlie brown tree.


Here are our adventures.


On our way to find the tree we found this.

I think this one is the perfect Charlie Brown!

Mr Moe cut it down in record timing. He used a chain saw this time!

We took the opportunity to take some Christmas pictures of the tree and so we threw it into this…

And of course we had to get some pictures of us too.

Nana absolutely is smitten with Jackson…naturally.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

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