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Just because

September 24, 2013

fushia arragement

I like to think that I am a minalmalist….at least that is what I tell myself. I typically lean toward the blues and grays on the color scale and love the simplicity of black and white. Nuetrals and dark colors just feel comfortable to me. I like to sit in them and quiet my thoughts. Bold colors tend to make me feel a little nervous and uneasy. I used to be a fan of bold colors…I had my bridesmaids wear a bright green dresses (oh yes, in 2005, green was the rave), painted my kitchen a rust orange once and love wearing red lipstick. Bright orange gerbera daisies were my favorite flower once, so don’t get me wrong, I still love color but now I feel most comfortable living in subtle, soft colors. But one day durning the summer, there popped up some ridiculously beautiful fushia blossoms in my backyard (we are renters in our current house so it’s always a lovely surprise to see what new flower will pop out of the ground each season.) I had some pink ranuculus leftover from the weekend and I paired them together and……..POP! Look at those colors! I have to say, even for this no bold color girl…this ain’t too shabby.

2013-09-17_0002 2013-09-17_0001

Flower Wall

September 18, 2013

flower wall 4

One day when I was walking along my favorite trail that runs by a beautiful little creek near our house, I happened upon a branch. (Wow…that was original…who doesn’t see old branches fallen from trees when walking outside.) But really, I saw a branch broken off of a tree and picked it up.  I felt the need to do something creative with it since it had such a lovely shape. Often when I am out in nature, I see something I’m inspired by – a flower, a rock, a blooming tree – and  feel the need to snatch it up and take it home with me.  It’s like I must keep it to savor the inspiration… as though just seeing it once won’t satisfy, so I need to take it home with me to keep the beauty a little longer.

Torrey has always done the same… he is a constant forager of wildflowers.  I remember on our honeymoon he stopped the car by the roadside at least three times and picked me wild flower bouquets. Still to this day when we take long road trips, he will pick some flowers from the yard and place the sweet bouquet in the cup holder so that I will have a “traveling bouquet” as he calls it.  He knows how much I love flowers and how the long drives wear me out, and it helps me to have something beautiful and lovely to look at while we drive. (Isn’t he sweet?!) So with both of us having the scavenger bug pretty badly, you can imagine our house looks a little odd sometimes with it’s random twigs and sprigs of wilted wildflowers… but, I love it and won’t change a thing about it.  Each little treasure we bring home, whether it is a leaf or river stone means something to us.

So naturally, when I saw a beautiful moss-covered branch, I picked it up, laid it across my stroller, and walked home.  It was a long branch and so I got quite a lot of crazy looks when I walked by strangers.  When I got it home, I immediately went to work since Jackson was asleep in his stroller and I had a moment to spare.  I hung it from the ceiling and began attaching some glass test tubes I had bought the week before for another craft project.  And, after some help with some tape, fishing wire, and some flowers,  here is what I came up with….

flower wall 5

Flower Wall 2


Flower wall 1


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