Can’t get enough

February 1, 2013



Today Jackson was more fussy than normal….I have to say, when he went down to sleep for the night we all breathed a little sigh. I am pretty sure that he is going through another growth spurt because he is eating like a horse and sleeping like a baby. Now I understand that saying….he took a 3 1/2 hr nap today! While he slept, I used the time to run around the house and do everything that I could ¬†before he woke up again. It was quite a fun challenge.


While I was pregnant I just imaged what it would be like to be a mom….I knew it was going to be wonderful but I felt like it would be a lot more work than joy. There seems to be a prevailing cloud that motherhood is cast under. People warn you when you get pregnant with the classic, “Enjoy your sleep now, you won’t be getting any when that baby comes!” or the “Everything changes when you have a baby, enjoy life now!” And you know what? Don’t listen to them. You will only start fearing motherhood…I mean, who wants to stop enjoying life right?! Listen, motherhood is amazing. It is one of the hardest, most beautifully satisfying thing I have ever done. I just can’t get enough of my little man…(Even saying this after a very fussy day too!)


  • Lydia

    You words are just what I needed today! After helping a friend pick curriculum for homeschooling yesterday, reading about another friend’s pregnancy and yet another friend’s miscarriage, I was just thinking about how hard motherhood will be. Not that I can’t wait, but that there was that little nag of fear/dread as well. It’s so great to hear encouragement to hear from that other side!

  • Lydia

    *-to hear

    You get what I mean! ;-)

  • Torrey Moe

    Who this man?! Love out little man so much. He has his parents’ love for swimming and the great outdoors!
    Maybe no swimming quite this early in the year!

  • Rebekah

    Amen to this :)

  • Robin Willems

    So nice to read, I agree with Lydia!

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