baby bump

August 31, 2013

Baby Jackson is already 9 months old!! How did that happen? I seriously just had him and now he is crawling and starting to try to walk. It is incredible to see him literally changing almost by the hour. Every morning when I go into his bedroom to pick him up out of his crib he looks older, his face has changed and he has lost a little more of his baby look. When we came back from Europe, people said that he looked like a little boy not a baby! Before I had a child, I felt like time ran a little slow and you had plenty to go around. Now I see how quickly life goes by just by watching what just a few days can do to a baby. I have started to live more seriously. My time has become so much more valuable to me. As I was looking through some of the pictures we snapped while I was pregnant, I couldn’t help but tear up a bit. In each picture, I remember some of the thoughts I had  in each phase. The first trimester was the scariest part for me. I was afraid of loosing Jackson and so I didn’t take any pictures of myself pregnant. We didn’t tell anyone (except a few family members) until we hit 12 weeks. Now that 9 months have already passed by like they were 9 days I want to get better about documenting life. So without further adieu ……here is our baby Jackson bump pictures.

Thanks to Rebekah Murray and Natalie Glasso for capturing some of these moments.

12 weeks

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